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Triad Overseas Study Agency

Triad Overseas Study Agency is an education service institution which assists students who plan to study abroad. Founded in 1980, our study agency has sent students to America, Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Switzerland. We also offer a collaboration program with reputable colleges and universities, arranging some summer programs which are designed for children, teenagers and adults.

Our Education consultants, who work closely with reputable colleges/universities, will professionally assist the students to find the most suitable school for them, and also give explanations about the educational system in the country which they have selected for their further studies.

We also promote schools, which are officially represented by our agency. We use promotional media such as newspaper advertisements, leaflets and brochures. Also we usually hold a one day seminar in which a short presentation about the school is made by a representative from the school.

Our Head Office is located in Bandung and we have several branch offices, which are located in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bekasi, Purwakarta, and Surabaya.

We have cooperation’s with one private catholic high school which is St. Laurensia School in Jakarta and one Christian high school which is Trimulya High School in Bandung, Seven hundred and fifty students are educated in St. Laurensia and 250 students in Trimulya High School for TOEFL Preparation Program.

We are seeking collaboration programs for teachers’ exchange with institutions abroad by sending their teachers to Indonesia, and on the contrary we will send Indonesian teachers abroad. We are also interested in students and office staff exchange.

By way of helping students prepare for their further studies overseas, our agency offers the following services:

- English Language Training
- Translation of transcript or other important documents (our translation service are
   done by authorized  and sworn translators).
- Selection of suitable schools
- Visa arrangements
- Arranging suitable accommodations
- Booking of airline tickets
- Selecting suitable insurance
-  Forwarding of documents by Express Courier Service.

We provide overseas schools to use our offices for such services as using internet, sending fax, and distributing their brochures to other addresses in Indonesia at economical cost.


We are representing:

Arizona State University, CESL                                       (USA)

Cal State Univ, Northridge ESL                                        (USA)

FLS Language Centres                                                    (USA)

Florida Air Academy                                                       (USA)

Foothill College                                                              (USA)

LCP International Institute                                               (USA)

Ohio Dominican College                                                  (USA)

San Diego State University                                              (USA)

Seattle Central Community College                                  (USA)

Skagit Valley College                                                      (USA)

University of Arizona, CESL                                             (USA)

ASPECT                                                                         (USA)

Ayusa International                                                         (USA)

Arts Institute International                                               (USA)

The Bay Path College                                                      (USA)

Bellevue Community College                                           (USA)

Brown University                                                            (USA)

Colorado International                                                    (USA)

Concord English Language Center                                   (USA)

Drexel University                                                           (USA)

ELS Language Centers                                                   (USA)

Educational Consultant International                                (USA)

ESIUSA                                                                         (USA)
English Language Study Center                                       (USA)

Ferris State University                                                    (USA)

Green River Community College                                     (USA)

Grier School, Golden Gate University                               (USA)

Hawaii Pacific University, Huron University                       (USA)

Intensive English University                                            (USA)

Inter Nexus                                                                   (USA)

International High School Program                                  (USA)

Intrax English Institute                                                   (USA)

Keiser College                                                               (USA)

Kemper Military School and College                                 (USA)

Language Company                                                        (USA)

Loyola Marymount University                                           (USA)

Management College of San Francisco                              (USA)

Rennert Bilingual, School of Visual Arts                             (USA)

Saint Mary’s University Minnesota                                     (USA)

Solomon Christian School                                                (USA)

South Seattle Community College                                    (USA)

Spring International Language Centers                             (USA)

Talk International                                                           (USA)

University of Extension University Of California,

University of Houston                                                       (USA)

Wichita State University                                                   (USA)

British Councils, The                                                        (SIN)       

Inlingua, ISS International School                                     (SIN)

AIT Tafe Center                                                              (SIN)

Balestier International Students Hoatel                             (SIN)

Bradford Rex Educational Consultant                                (SIN)

City School of Commerce, Pty.Ltd                                    (SIN)

Lasalle International, Temasek Polytechnic                       (SIN)

Bodwell College , Regency International                           (CAN)

ASPECT, Bond International College                                 (CAN)

Century College, CSLI                                                     (CAN)
International Language Institute                                        (CAN)

Kester Grant College                                                        (CAN)

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Columbia College                                                             (CAN)

Canadian College of English Language                               (CAN)

University of New Brunswick                                              (CAN)

Billy Blue Graphic Design & Advertisement ,

Cambridge International College                                       (AUS)

NSW Matriculation College                                                (AUS)

Perth International Hotel Management                               (AUS)

RMIT                                                                              (AUS)

Sydney English Language Centre                                      (AUS)

Sydney College of English                                                (AUS)

University of Tasmania                                                    (AUS)

William Blue Hotel Management School                           (AUS)

Goald Coast College of Business                                    (AUS)

Acacia College, ASPECT                                                (AUS)

Australian College of English                                          (AUS)

Cambridge English Language Center                               (AUS)

Canning College and Tuart College                                 (AUS)

Central Queensland University                                        (AUS)

Hales College, Holmesglen College of TAFE,

Phoenix English Language Academy                                (AUS)

Stortt’s  Commercial College                                          (AUS)

Southern Cross University                                              (AUS)

Taylor’s College                                                             (AUS)

Tasmanian Department of  Education and Arts,       

University of Southern Queensland                                  (AUS)

The Australian Academy, Unisearch                             (AUS)

TLCC English Language College                                    (AUS)

University of New South Wales                                      (AUS)

Westminster School                                                      (AUS)

William Angliss College                                                 (AUS)

Auckland Institute of Studies                                         (NZ)

Christchurch Polytechnic                                 (NZ)

Henderson High School                                                 (NZ)

Kiwi English Academy                                                   (NZ)

Malcolm Consultant Limited                                           (NZ)

New Horizon language Academy                                    (NZ)

Orewa College , Unitec                                                  (NZ)

Worldwide School of English                                           (NZ)

Aranui High School                                                        (NZ)
Avon Language College                                                 (NZ)

Hastings Girls High School                                              (NZ)

Lincoln University                                                          (NZ)

Nelson Polytechnic                                                         (NZ)

New Zealand International College                                  (NZ)

Royal English College                                                     (NZ)

University of Canterbury                                                 (NZ)

Inti Learning Center, Stamford                                        (MAL)

British Association of Boarding  Summer _

School Courses, The                                                      (MAL)

Language House, The.PJCC                                            (MAL)

Utama International School                                            (MAL)

MAZ International School                                               (MAL)

Sayfol International School                               (MAL)
Bell School                                                     (UK)

Boston College                                                              (UK)

Huron University                                                            (UK)

International House                                         (UK)

Alexanders International School                         (UK)

Alphabeta Colleges                                          (UK)

Central School of English                                  (UK)

Cicero Languages International                          (UK)

Coventry International                                     (UK)

East Devon College                                         (UK)

Edinburgh College of English                              (UK)

Educare College                                              (UK)

English in Chester                                            (UK)

Geos English Academy                                      (UK)
Harven School of English                                   (UK)

Hastings English Language Centre                       (UK)
Languages International                                    (UK)

Language Specialists International                      (UK)

Madison International                                       (UK)

LTC International College of English                     (UK)

Nord Anglia Education Group                              (UK)

OISE Language Training                                    (UK)


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