Triad Translation Service

Triad Translation Service, based in Bandung, is a division of Triad English Centre which was established in 1980. We have been experienced for more than 15 years in translating the following kinds of documents both English – Indonesian and vice versa:

»      Legal Instruments, Deeds, Notary Public Documents
»      Product Manuals
»      Academic certificates and documents
»      Corporate Letters
»      Financial Statements
»      Articles on Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Tourism, Economics, Arts etc.

Our translation system and procedure is supported by good resources and latest technology such as Translation Memory Software and rich templates.

Our translation staff works as a team and under direct supervision of an authorized sworn translator, Drs. Sutoyo Sugiharto, MBA who is also a director of Triad English Centre. 

In ensuring the quality of our translation, Drs. Sutoyo Sugiharto, MBA is supported by experienced core team of translators and resource persons most of whom are university graduate, holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various field of study.


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