We have extended our translation service to the following clients (among others):

        PT. INTI
        PT. TELKOM
        STT Telkom
        PT. DI
        PT. Pos Giro
        PT. Indosat
        PT. Indowater
        PT. Tirta Sumut
        PT. Indo Wira
        PT. Lotus Lingga Pratama     
        PT. Sunson
        PT. Gasco Brothers
        PT. Feng Tay Indonesia
        PT. Prima Hexal
        PT. Hidup Bahagia Sejahtera
        Eldorado Executive Club
        CV. Bara Pinang
        Bala Keselamatan
        Many Notary Publics in Jakarta and Bandung
        Individuals planning to study abroad
        Schools and Universities  

Some of the abovementioned companies have been our clients on regular and sustainable basis.

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