Terms and Conditions

1.  Triad Translation Service warrants that the translation service will meet reasonable commercial standards for professional human translation (i.e. human translation by a bilingual translator with reasonable skill in translating the concepts and terminology and aided by translation resources such as translation software, dictionaries, internet resources, etc. with a proofread).

2. The nature of the work performed and any information transmitted to Triad Translation Service by the Client shall be confidential. Triad Translation Service shall not without the prior consent of the Client, divulge or otherwise disclose such information to any person other than authorized employees or authorized subcontractors of Triad Translation Service whose job performance requires such acts. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the extent Triad Translation Service is required by law to divulge such information or to the extent such information is or becomes a matter of public knowledge other than by disclosure by Triad Translation Service.

3. Completion period of translation shall be decided based on negotiation and after we have learned the total volume of materials to be translated.

4.  Source materials provided in softcopy is preferable and will help us to complete the work faster.

5. We offer two choices to the clients for the translation charge: word-count basis and page-count basis. See prices below.

6. Prices on page-count basis shall be counted based on the target language (Translation result).

7. Any changes to the page-count and word-count will be communicated to the Client for approval.

8. Down Payment of about 30% of the total estimated prices shall be paid before the commencement of the translation work.

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